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Incoming Whatever trip you want, leave the organization to us.

Discover the most beautiful travel destinations in comfort through Fürst Reisen; you don't have to worry about a thing. Use the flexibility and comfort of our bus fleet to be transferred to your next destination. With our experienced chauffeurs, you'll be safely on your way. Whether you're in a small or large group, we'll get you to your destination.

Our services

  • Bus trips in Germany and Europe
  • Private tour buses (8 to 56 seats)
  • Tour guide, hostess service
  • Travel organization with a complete program
  • Hotels, admission tickets, guided tours, etc.
  • Tour buses for group trips at a special price
  • Luxury tour buses with a monitor and internet
  • Luxury club bus with tables and internet for one or more persons
  • Travel organization for up to 2000 participants
  • Club bus with the interior modified according to your wishes

Special features of Fürst

  • Short-term organization
  • Sightseeing tours in Europe, from Russia to Portugal
  • Gold medal for trips to Rome, overall European winner of the SEC in Montreux, etc.
  • Safety certificate for chauffeurs from IRU, the international organization for bus tours

Michael Rücker

0049 8505-900933

Modern Mercedes Bus Fleet

Travel like a prince with Fürst. Our bus fleet with modern and comfortable Mercedes luxury buses will take you safely to your destination. Our tour buses with Fürst Class equipment and 8 to 57 seats are ready for you.

On Our Bus Fleet

Chauffeurs with a Safety Certificate

We take great pride in our highly trained professional drivers. We have specialists for every region, and you can sit back and relax in your comfortable seat. Permanent safety training and advanced training are a matter of course for us. How reassuring when a chauffeur with many years of professional experience confidently steers your tour bus through Europe.